A (Bloody) Tale From the Campaign Trail In the Patch

A story from Peterborough Mayoralty candidate Daryl Bennett on the first day of his team canvassing in a neighbourhood in East City:

“A homeowner called me on Wednesday morning to ask if I was the Daryl Bennett who was running for Mayor, and whether I had canvassers going door to door on her East City street on Tuesday night. I replied that I did.
The caller told me that she and her husband had been out, and when they returned home they found our brochure in her mailbox. Later that evening, she heard an odd noise at her front door, and collected her husband to investigate it. They discovered a man on all fours with a pail and scrub brush cleaning her front porch. When she questioned him, she discovered that he and his wife were both canvassers of ours who had visited the house earlier in the day, at which point his wife had cut her arm on the front door, requiring a hospital visit and 14 stitches. The man was returning to clean the blood from the front porch!
When the cleaning was completed, the canvasser proceeded to deliver his pitch in support of our campaign. Now that’s dedication!”

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