Man Throws Pop Can At Pregnant Wife Then Rips Phone Out Of Wall When She Tries To Call 911

(Note: These are the types of domestics we get frequently on police reports)

From a Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service Media Release today...

Domestic Assault

On the 12th of November 2011 a Cameron Street couple had an argument which escalated to where the male party threw a can of pop and pieces of a banana at his pregnant wife. Once the wife called 911 the male party ripped the phone from the wall in an attempt to prevent her from calling for help.  PLCPS responded to the call of a 911 hangup.  Upon further investigation the male was arrested for domestic assault with a weapon and mischief.  The accused is held for bail court on the 13th of November 2011.  The accused can not be named in order to protect the identity of the victim.


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