PtboCanada Interview: Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar (Which Rocked The Venue Last Night)

Canadian Rock/Blues band Big Sugar released their first album in 1991, and its vocalist and guitarist Gordie Johnson has been rocking out ever since. The band has played here in Peterborough numerous times over the years, including after Big Sugar parted for a break and Gordie went south and started a new band Grady. After a six year hiatus, Big Sugar is back along with the band Wide Mouth Mason where Gordie plays bass and backup vocals. Both bands played The Venue last night. We had a chance to sit down with Gordie before the concert last night. Here's our interview below...


PTBOCanada: So Big Sugar is back! Did you reassemble the group to retake the title of our Nation's loudest band?

Gordie Johnson: [Chuckles] We weren't trying to do anything. The idea came to us to play together again, and there was a chemical reaction that instantly turned into "Let's make some new music, let's revisit some older jams" which all came from the bands love for being here... so how can you not do it? We're not here to conquer anybody or show anyone up. Let's just get back to making great music.

PTBOCanada: Wide Mouth Mason is back, Big Sugar is back… is this the revitalization of Canadian Rock/Blues music?

Gordie Johnson: I've been living in the U.S. for a long time and I just gauged my opinion on a band who's based on their own merit. I don't differentiate between an American band or a Canadian band, just good bands.

PTBOCanada: So did you miss the guys? Was everyone eager to jump back into it?

Gordie Johnson: Yeah, I really did, and I didn't realize I did until we got together again and we were all in the same room and I was like "Awww man, look at all these lovely people!". It was a good combination of the two bands with different guys who might not hang out socially.


PTBOCanada: A nod to our friends over at Wolfstock. How was playing there this summer here in Peterborough outdoors?

Gordie Johnson: I remember it being a nice hot, humid day with lots of people loving our music!

PTBOCanada: Ages ago, you brought your beautiful Dodge Charger down south when you formed Grady… did you drive it back north for our harsh Canadian winters?

Gordie Johnson: I have a couple of them now. One up in Canada and one in the States. I try to have one wherever I am [laughs]. The Canadian one is up in storage right now which is a shame since I don't drive it enough, but the one down South I drive all year around.


Check out Big Sugar's new album Revolution Per Minute and new single in time for Christmas, "If Santa Don't Bring You No Funk".

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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