Peterborough To Build A Subway System At Cost Of $150-$200 Million


We were in Nata's the other day minding our own business, when all of the sudden five city officials marched in with purpose and sat at the table next to us (or at least they looked like city officials, because they had suits on, briefcases, looked serious, and were wearing City of Peterborough buttons).

The officials made small talk about the upcoming Lakers season and the warmer weather that Jay Scotland keeps promising, but then began whispering (loud enough so we could hear) about building a subway system in Peterborough, and what needed to be done to make that happen—and how much the feds could kick in. One of them sketched out the subway plan on a napkin (see pic at left).

We managed to snap the pic after the meeting had ended, and the city officials inexplicably left Nata's without picking up the napkin drawing. As you can see, the photo appears to show a proposed subway system running through downtown Peterborough and extending as far as Fleming and Trent. The monetary figure written on the napkin ranges from $150 million to $200 million, and the completion date by 2020 for all phases.

One of the city officials—he was younger, and looked like maybe an intern—came rushing back into Nata's a minute or two later to retrieve the napkin, and he looked embarassed. We had managed to sit down again after taking the picture, and pretended to talk about the impact of the Make It Your Downtown campaign.

We later contacted city officials about the subway conversation and the drawing, but were given a terse "No Comment".

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