$63,000 Of Jewelry Stolen During Break-In At Costco

From a Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service Media Release today...

Break and enter
On 24Aug2011 at approx 0100 am Police responded to an alarm call at Costco. Officers discovered that suspects had broken open a large jewelry case and removed a large assortment of various jewelry worth in excess of $63 000.00.

Items that were taken are as follows:
14 KT White Gold Pendant, 14KT Diamond Earrings,14 KT Diamond Ring,  14 KT Diamond Necklace,  14 KT Diamond 5 Stone Band, Diamond Ring , Platinum Diamond Wedding Set, 14 KT Diamond Solitaire, 14 KT Diamond Ring, 18 KT Round Wedding Set, 14 KT White Gold Diamond Necklace, 14 KT Necklace, Platinum Set, 14 KT Bracelet 7”, Diamond Ring Round, Diamond Trinity, 0.98 ct Stud Earring, 18 KT Diamond Earring, 18 KT Pink Sapphire Diamond Bracelet, 18 KT Diamond Round Ring, 18 KT White Gold Diamond Stud, 14 KT Diamond Hoop Earrings , 14 KT Diamond Solitaire Ring.

The investigation is continuing.


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