PtboPics & Results: Snofest Idol 2012 At Showplace

Snofest Idol 2012 was held at Showplace on Sunday with nine contestants participating in front of a full house. The judges this year were Harry Clarke (winner of Snofest Idol 2011), Catherine Hanrahan (weekday morning host on KRUZ FM), Pam Birrell (musician and music teacher) and Danny Bronson (popular musician and singer-songwriter).

The host, Bridget Foley, kicked off the show with a song accompanied by the judge, Danny Bronson.

The nine contestants were....

Daniel Batty

Sang: "If You're Reading This"


Pam thought he "had a beautiful voice and was in touch with the song".

Charlee Bodrug

Sang: "Fix You"


Danny commented that there "was great style in the upper range".

Madison Chard

Sang: "1000 Miles"


Catherine said that Madison made great use of the stage and directed the song towards every section of the audience.

Haley Dubarsky

Sang: "You and I"


Catherine thought "That was really smoking hot".

Clayton Middleton

Sang: "Fire in the Sky"


Danny mentioned there "was great range and clear sound. Controlled the power in his voice".

Elizabeth Morrison

Sang: "Landslide"


Harry thought "There was maturity in your voice and emotional connection to the song".

Whitney Paget

Sang: "Love on Top"


Pam said "Super job on the high notes".

Alayna Simpson

Sang: "100 Years"


Danny said it was "breathy and ethereal in the lower tones".

Kristian Paschalis

Sang: "Rolling in the Deep"


Catherine said "Fantastic energy and fantastic voice".


The final three picked by the judges were...

Whitney Paget Clayton Middleton Kristian Paschalis
3rd 2nd 1st


Congratulations to 12-year-old Kristian Paschalis, winner of Snofest Idol 2012!

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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