"Street Life" Doc Playing At ReFrame Deals With Living On Streets Of Peterborough

The ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival kicks off this Friday, and this year there is a documentary with local content. Street Life (directed by Victoria Scholes) deals with the following subject matter...

To find out what it’s like to live on the streets of Peterborough, the city she grew up, Crestwood High School student Victoria Scholes went out to spend a day on those streets, mingling with homeless people to get first-hand experience. 

She altered her appearance, did some pan-handling, and managed to get interviews with some of the people who spend their lives on the sidewalks of downtown Peterborough. She talked about the issues with Our Space manager Janet McCue. 

Her parents wouldn’t let her sleep outside so she started her day at about 4 a.m. “It was chilly and it was rainy,” but over the long day, she says, “I met amazing people who taught me so much, and it was a life-changing experience. I hope many others will have the same awakening I did after they watch it.”

Street Life is 28 minutes long and will be shown on January 27th at 3:30 p.m. at The Venue.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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