R.I.P. Titles Bookstore

Independent bookshop Titles Bookstore in downtown Peterborough is set to close in May after almost 25 years.


Kennedy Gordon from the Peterborough Examiner wrote an article explaining one of the reasons behind the closure is that the building's owner, Brand Health, has decided to not renew Titles' lease, as they are expanding into that space.



The announcement shocked our local Twitter community, as we all have a soft spot for local businesses, especially in the downtown core.


UPDATE: TV segment on closure of Titles:

PTBOCanada covered former Trent Student Bob Hayes's book launch there, as well as Natalee Caple and Jonathan Bennett.

This leaves Chapters, Costco and Wal Mart as the remaining large destinations to purchase books.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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