PCVS students at candlelight vigil, June 18th. PHOTO CANDACE SHAWPCVS has lost its appeal in the courts. It's over.

UPDATE: Here's the statement from the Peterborough Needs PCVS website:

"We received the news late this afternoon that our application to the court was dismissed. Reasons will be sent to us later in the summer.

We are very disappointed with the findings of the court. We believe the closure of PCVS, a uniquely effective, progressive and gay-friendly high school, represents a loss of inestimable magnitude for the city and for the students and staff, past and present. We will continue to support and advocate for PCVS students as they transition to their new schools.

We extend our gratitude to all those within and outside the community who supported our efforts to maintainCandlelight vigil PCVS, June 18th. PHOTO BRIANNA GOSSELIN PCVS as a viable and thriving school. We are confident that the law firm of Perley Robertson and in particular our lawyers Mr. Aaron Rubinoff, Ms. Karen Page and Mr. Dan Taylor brought the very best case possible to court on June 6 and 7th and we are extremely appreciative of their deep commitment to our cause."


[photos above via @candaceshaw & @brigosselin]

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