Look At The Totally Awesome Superman Peterborough Tattoo This Man Has On His Arm

How much does Brandon Slavik love Peterborough? Well enough to get this amazing work of art on his arm (see pics below). As he explains to us: "I have it on my left arm. It originally started out with the Superman symbol when I was 18 and I decided to turn it into a sleeve with a different layout. I am born and raised in this town and take pride in the skyline that our town offers. All of the buildings have meaning to myself/family or are unique to our City. I have St. John's Anglican Church, Quaker Oats, Hunter St. Bridge, Times Square Clock, Market Hall, Lift Lock and the Peterborough Water Tower. My childhood friend and amazing Tattoo Artist Scott Mason spent over 8 hours on the arm in two sittings. He came up with the layout and we agreed on the shots of the buildings and which buildings we put in there. The neat thing was the more we started talking, the more buildings we wanted to include (like our childhood school King George) but my arm was not big enough to fit everything on."  Wow.  

[photo via @slavikMMA]

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