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Downtown Peterborough is known to have a nighttime establishment for just about every type of crowd you can imagine and for the most part all of the businesses are doing quite well. With so many options available, one would think that opening up a new club in the heart of the city would be a very tough sell! Lang Freeman and Sammy Shehadeh have proved that wrong.

In 2011, Lang, who was already running what was then Splice Lounge, was approached by Sammy with an idea to expand and bring an experience to Peterborough that wasn’t already available. It was on October 31, 2012 that ARIA opened in its location at 331 George St. N after an extensive eight month renovation project!


ARIA brings an unmatched big city nightclub feel to our downtown core that has had people buzzing for almost a year now. The club brings in some of the biggest traveling DJs around to throw down some of the most epic parties you will ever experience! Lang and Sammy have spared no expense inside the club equipping it with sound and light installation from the renowned Apex. 

With club nights falling on Friday and Saturday, ARIA has time between events to plan out amazing ideas. They have developed a program called E-Life which is comprised of local businesses which strive to bring top quality food and entertainment to our great city!

Using Dolce Vita, which is part of the E-Life program as their primary caterer, ARIA has hosted some great events such as last year’s PeterTweeter Awards. They also had a PtboPride event, and host as many theme parties as can be imagined!

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With so much space and time available between their massive club nights, it has become the goal of ARIA to become more of an all-encompassing entertainment facility and offer their space for different events throughout the week.

The layout of the club is perfect for bands to play in, to host upscale banquets and also to host weddings which they have started to plan for next year already.


Lang is a graduate of Trent University and has kept close ties with the school since his graduation. As such, ARIA has been proud to host Trent’s annual Glow Show, they have DJ’d intro fest and have also set up at Trent’s Vendor Show. What Lang is most proud of however is that ARIA secured a partnership with the school to run the entire Head of the Trent event with the university and rowing team.   

If you’re looking to host an event in downtown Peterborough in an unmatched big city atmosphere—we're hosting our 1st Annual Christmas party there December 5th!—we suggest you give ARIA a try. They have all angles covered to give you an experience the guests at your function will be talking about for years to come!

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For more info on ARIA (331 George St. N), go to:
Facebook: ClubAria
Twitter: @ARIA_Inc
Phone: 705-743-0333


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