Column No. 3: Dating In The City With Match Me Peterborough's Rebecca Cooper

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COLUMN 3 TOPIC: 5 Essential Tips for Men on a First Date

1. Compliment Her. The first few minutes are crucial on a first date. It’s important to check out your date in a subtle fashion, and take notice of the efforts she has put towards meeting you. Often, women will go to huge lengths to prepare for their date. Simply stating “You look great!” will absolutely make her day and give her a wonderful first impression of you.

2. Ask Questions. Getting to know someone can be easier than you think. When you are meeting someone for a first time, it’s important to take control of your nerves and put your best foot forward. Asking your date questions about travel, family and activities they are interested in is a great way to break the ice. Remember: You are not in a job interview so don’t treat it like one!

How to control first date nerves? Our matchmakers often suggest treating the meeting as if you are reconnecting with an old friend. You will want to learn more about “who they are today”, and your anxieties will naturally subside.

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3. Listen. She’s telling you information that you will want to catch so lean in to hear her, maintain eye contact and let her know you are paying attention. First dates can have that awkward silence, but if you are listening then you can create another question based on information she is touching on.

4. Pick up the cheque. Making the first move when the bill comes gives your date the impression that you are a gentleman and responsible. If she fights you to contribute, you can decline once, but if she insists then agree to split it.

5. Graciously end the date. Thank her for making the time to meet with you and let her know you had a wonderful time. Suggest swapping contact info (if you haven’t already), and let her know you will be in touch relatively soon. If you are into her, then make sure to plan a second date within a week’s time—providing she's interested. If you are not interested in seeing her again, then contact her and let her know you are not interested in moving forward.

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