DBIA Featured Post: Sam's Place

Sitting comfortably in the heart of Downtown Peterborough’s Café District is Sam’s Place, known as "The Best Dan Deli In Town!" Locally owned and operated by Sam Sayer and Dan Fitchko, this eatery has been satisfying food cravings for almost 3 years at its current location on 188 Hunter St.

A graduate of PCVS and Trent University, Sam is a sandwich aficionado, while Dan hails from Etobicoke and has brought with him a flare for Ukranian delicacies. When you combine these two key ingredients to the business, you have one of the trendiest casual dining restaurants in town.

Serving vegetarian, vegan and even celiac friendly items, Sam’s Place gives you zero reason to be unsatisfied because it has something for absolutely everyone.

As a deli should be, Sam’s is a meat specialist. They cure, smoke, and process all meat on site, and source it locally along with almost every other item they use to create their sandwich masterpieces.

Sam’s specializes in creating some of the most delectable sandwiches you will ever eat. From the BBQ Beef Brisket and Reuben, to the Pulled Pork and Mike Taylor special (which you will have to ask about), this place has something for everyone.

Combine the sandwich with a freshly made salad, handmade perogies or Ukranian style Borscht soup (among others) and you have yourself a meal fit for a hungry king! Desserts are also an option—if you think you have room left.

Sam’s Place caters to every kind of mood, and whether it is a sit down meal or a quick bite to go, they do it all. Specializing in sandwiches has allowed Sam’s to also become a successful catering business. All of this info can be found on their great take out menu, or on one of their many social media accounts (see below).

Being somewhat new to the downtown core, Sam’s has quickly developed buzz through a loyal customer base which has used word of mouth to spread good reviews about the deli. We suggest you give it a try and then join the growing number of satisfied customers spreading the good news! Be sure to check them out this summer at the Hootenanny on Hunter, too

For more on Sam's Place (188 Hunter St.), go to: 

Phone: 705-876-1900
Twitter: @sams_place_deli
Email: samsplacedeli@gmail.com
Facebook: Sam's Place

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By Aaron Elliott