The Story Of Buddybear Who Was Adopted From Peterborough Humane Society


We asked for your Humane Society adoption stories and here's another great one we received from pet owner Krystal Laffin...


We adopted our dog, Buddybear, from the Peterborough Humane Society in October 2011. We were looking to rescue a dog in need and when we first went to take a look at dogs, we met Buddybear. We went to walk him and he was so scared and shy in the kennel.

Once on the leash and outside, he was happier but still nervous around us. We had then wanted to go home and talk about him. We went home for maybe an hour and realized he was the dog for us! We went back right then and took him home! He even remembered us, as he pulled the leash when the staff went back to gather his things for us.

He looked pretty rough because he went in as a stray; he had been rescued from under a transport truck. All the staff who saved him that day still talk about it when we bring him for a visit, and we always hear how much healthier he looks! He is soon to be 8 and is in great shape—and this older dog was the best choice for us as he was house trained and he has great manners!

We can't thank the Peterborough Humane Society enough! We have decided to dedicate our wedding this July to them by asking our guests to bring donations for them. This is one of our ways to say thank you for saving Buddybear and allowing him to enter our lives and make us happier than we have ever been!

He is as spoiled as ever and it's a rewarding thing to give an animal in need a home, especially older ones who sometimes get overlooked!

—Krystal Laffin


If you have an adoption story from the Humane Society you want to share with us, we'd love to hear your story about why you did and what pet you chose—along with picture(s). Email us here.


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