The Story Behind Jeff Macklin's New Book "Neighbourhoods - An Anthology of Words and Visual Art"


Peterborough artisan Jeff Macklin has created a wonderful new analog chapbook Neighbourhoods - An Anthology of Words and Visual Art. This limited edition was produced in downtown Peterborough, with full colour plates throughout and letterpress printed two colour covers, and insert with a hand-sewn binding. An Artsweek Peterborough 2013 project, it features a range of fiction, short anecdotes, photography, paintings and prose about and for the people who live in the neighbourhoods of Peterborough. "Local artists and writers have very little formal voice outside of the internet where they have have their works published," Macklin tells us, adding, "This chapbook represents a love for the printed page, which is undervalued overall, but still has a place in our culture—especially our local culture." Below are some of the pages from the book, which you can purchase here.


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