PTBOCanada Featured Post: Check Out The Small Business Lighting Program

For small businesses, taking a loss before seeing a gain isn’t out of the ordinary and often times bills can pile up. The cost of running a business on so many levels can be incredibly expensive especially in this day and age as costs continue to rise. As small business owners will tell you, any way to save on expenses is a good thing. Sometimes, however, the initial investment needed can be too much to take on and thus the idea is put on the back burner.

One of today’s top unavoidable expenses is electricity. Prices will likely continue to rise. Enter the Small Business Lighting Program funded by the Ontario Power Authority and managed in our area by Peterborough Distribution Inc. (part of Peterborough Utilities Group). Funding for this program—which ends December 31, 2014—is geared towards lending a helping hand to small businesses in our community that are an integral part of the local economy.

The main goal of the program is to promote the conservation of energy by providing small businesses with the means to invest in energy efficient upgrades which might not otherwise be in the budget. This all comes with no monetary investment whatsoever from the small business, which is incredible!

In total, upwards of $1,500 worth of upgrades are available to each small business who qualifies. The initial assessment is done by an energy advisor from local environmental organization GreenUP who will determine the eligible upgrades, and create a work order for your approval. Afterwards a local and certified electrician does the installation at no cost to the business owner!


The Small Business will receive brand new energy efficient lighting and other equipment, with the cost of installation, products and safe removal/recycling of old bulbs all covered!  The energy advisor will work with the small business to ensure the lighting works well in the business before upgrade.

This green initiative is a benefit to not only the owners, but to the Ontario Power Authority and electricity providers as well. With an aging electrical grid, the conservation of energy is a must. This program makes an investment where it matters most—in small business energy efficiency during peak times, reducing their costs so that they can do better business. The Ministry of Energy says that it is more cost effective to conserve energy by making a small investment than replacing massive amounts of electrical grid equipment.



To find out more about the Small Business Lighting program and to find out if you qualify as a small business for upgrades, contact:
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