11 Reasons Downtown Peterborough Rocks

1. It's beautiful, and a river runs through it

2. It's a vibrant and supportive community in the downtown core

3. It has tremendous energy and vitality

4. Everyone knows each other, stops to talk, and cares

photo Katherine Carleton

photo Katherine Carleton

5. Business owners are friendly and involved, give great customer service, and give a damn about community matters

6. The DBIA is always working hard to make improvements, and advocating on behalf of businesses

7. It is a hive for what's happening in the city. The buzz down there is incredible

8. There are numerous options for shopping and restaurants and pubs and cafes and live entertainment. All the amenities of a big city are there

9. There is ample parking. Repeat

10. There are terrific alleys to explore on top of the scenic main streets

11. You build a city from its core, the downtown

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