Peterborough Woman Tell Us About The "I Saw This Tonight" Video She Recorded

Tina Capell posted a video to Facebook Saturday night simply entitled "I saw this tonight."

Capell, House Manager at The Market Hall downtown, recorded the video downtown at George and Charlotte around 2:30 a.m. just outside Whistle Stop, and it's generating a lot of comments on her Facebook post.

As she tells PTBOCanada, "Sean and I were just going for poutine (I don’t know why he had to bring Matt Greco into it ;). I was expecting a little scuffle when I saw a couple of people running from The Whistle Stop, but I didn’t imagine it would escalate so quickly. Once I realized how serious it was, I had to put the phone away and step in just before a police officer arrived."

Tina adds, "This was the third fight I’d witnessed Saturday night on the same block within a couple of hours. It’s a shame that these things happen and it happens everywhere, not just Peterborough. I love this city and there is so much more awesomeness to it than just a bunch of pack animals like this. It would be hopeful to think that these 'ladies' feel some shame in themselves but it’s also very doubtful—the 'I LOVE IT!' [you hear in the video] kind of gives that away. And that’s the really sad part here. The guys aren’t behaving much different and I think it shows the real emptiness some people are living with these days. It’s sad."

No word on the severity of the woman's injuries, and police tell Newswatch they are looking at this amateur footage of the melee.

Watch the video below or click here...

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