15 Dramatic Reasons To See "Cinderella: The Dancical" At Showplace

Dress rehearsal picture

Dress rehearsal picture

This is a dramatic list regarding the upcoming theatre production Cinderella: The Dancical! Are you ready? OK, in no particular order, here we go...

1. It’s the 19th Arbor Theatre “Holiday” Production Ray Henderson has directed over the past 19 years (and the 13th one he has written).

2. Beau Dixon composed the Original Score.

Dress rehearsal picture

Dress rehearsal picture

3. The choreographer Madison Sheward is only 14 years old!

4. It features a cast of 50 actors and dancers.

5.  It features 4 members of the Citiots Improv (Dan Smith, Andrew Root, Luke Foster and Kenn Gibb), and is written and directed by a 5th (Ray Henderson).

6.  Michelle Ferreri plays the Wicked Stepmother.

7. Showplace Performance Centre is a beautiful venue to see a live performance.

8. It’s completely family friendly with plenty of jokes for all ages.

Dress rehearsal picture

Dress rehearsal picture

9. The youngest performer is 4 years old.

10. The City of Peterborough supported it through City Grants.

11. It’s a new twist on the old classic with characters you have never seen before.

12. It’s locally written, produced and performed!

13. People should see always experience more live theatre.

14. Both sets of “Stepsisters” are played by real life siblings. (In fact, there are 11 sets of family members involved.)

15. It represents collaboration and support from the Theatre Guild, St. James Players, Adam Scott Performing Arts, Brand Health, 4th Line Theatre and many, many more!

Cinderella: The Dancical runs December 11th and 12th, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for Students and Seniors, $8 under 12. Tickets are available at Showplace.org. Get them now before it sells out!

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