Alex Brunton Is A Free Man: Is The System Broken?

Brunton leaving Old City Courthouse in Toronto (pic via CTV)

Brunton leaving Old City Courthouse in Toronto (pic via CTV)

Child pornographer Alex Brunton is a free man.

The 66-year-old former Peterborough hockey volunteer has been given a suspended sentence with time already served for a slew of child porn charges—including videos police found that Brunton had secretly filmed of naked teenage hockey boys in a Peterborough arena dressing room and shower.

Brunton, who had been in custody since last May for making, possessing and distributing child pornography, was released upon sentencing Tuesday (March 11th)—leaving court in Toronto a smiling man, and returning to his Peterborough home with his wife, who has chosen to stick by his side. He received three years probation.

"Hopefully Mr. Brunton can gradually start regaining the trust of his family—they're going to support him—and hopefully the trust of his community," defence lawyer Alison Mackay said outside the Old City Hall courthouse. (The trust of his community, huh?)

In addition to his three years probation, Brunton is ordered to stay away from places where children under 16 can reasonably be expected to be, unless accompanied by his wife or another adult designated by his wife. He is also prohibited from "knowingly placing himself in a position of trust" with children under 16 and prohibited from using the internet to contact or communicate with children.

Also, Brunton's name will be added to the Sex Offender Registry for life.

But the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime here. What are your thoughts? Is the system broken? Is this enough? Weigh in below, on our Facebook page or tweet us.

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