Help This Woman Find Her Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Lost In Peterborough

A Bridgenorth woman lost her sapphire and diamond engagement ring and wedding band in Peterborough and desperately wants it back. She's been tweeting about it, and here's the post she put on Kijiji about it...

"Large reward for the return of my diamond and sapphire engagement ring and wedding band. Taken from lower PCVS gym between 8pm Wednesday evening to Thursday at 7pm. Someone took the engagement and wedding band and left the larger wedding band behind. Please return these rings, I am sad and heartbroken. I don't want replacements, I want my rings. I will pay you to get them back, just please return them.

My engagement ring was one I had admired for many years. My husband saved and saved to get me the exact ring I wanted. He put the ring onto a beaded necklace my daughter gave to him and kept it hidden under his shirt. He asked my parents and my Aunt for permission the night before we left on a vacation. When we went through customs he had to lift the necklace and show the customs officers behind my back that he had a secret engagement ring on the necklace that was  setting the alarms off.


He proposed to me in Antigua and we married the following year. We have been through so much together and we custom designed the engraving on the bands as well. I know you must have a heart because you left the larger wedding band with engraving of my wedding date and nick name on them. Please do the right thing and return these rings. These are the rings my husband proposed to me with, that I wore on a necklace when I was sick in bed because my hands were too swollen to wear them. They are the rings my babies played with while I rocked them to sleep. The rings my girls would receive when I pass on.

After we were engaged the necklace my daughter made (a colourful beaded necklace) hung from our rearview mirror. Someone stole our truck, they stole everything inside of it, stripped all of the rims and anything worth any amount. They even stole the necklace. My computer with our engagement photos was also stolen. That ring was the last thing I have from our actual engagement.

PLEASE return them to me no questions asked, large reward given. I just want them back. Stealing them is not worth it, I have notified all of the pawn shops, auction sites and kijiji, the police as well. If you have any shred of decency and heart you will return these rings to me. A criminal record or chance of one is not worth it. PLEASE return them. I promise I will pay you a large reward. I just want them back as soon as possible.

I keep trying to imagine what you are doing with them. How desperate you must feel that you need to steal. I know how badly it hurts when you are suffering and hungry and have no money. I know what it's like to have an addiction and if this is you and you really need this money, I promise I will not hurt you or turn you in, I just want the rings back and I will give you whatever else you want in $$$ for it. Please understand how much this means to me. I cannot stop crying and I feel sick, I am losing my faith in humanity and wondering why people keep stealing from us and taking advantage. I would never hurt anyone.

Please note one of the photos is of the ring before the engraving was done on the outside. I wish I had better photos. I have notified every pawn shop in Ontario that I can find. I have also filed a police report. Take them to the police and turn them in, or contact me for a large cash reward. NO QUESTIONS ASKED."

Call 705-957-3566 if you find it.

[via Kijiji]

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