Charlie The Cougar To Be Moved From Peterborough To Quebec Zoo

Photos of Charlie via Riverview Park & Zoo Facebook page

Photos of Charlie via Riverview Park & Zoo Facebook page

Riverview Park and Zoo has announced they've made arrangements for a permanent home for 'Charlie' the cougar. Charlie was captured near Grafton, Ont., earlier this summer by MNR staff after he was found loitering close to a residence. It was subsequently determined that he had been a captive animal and as such, he could not be returned to the wild. 

The zoo's animal care team worked closely with their CAZA/AZAC partners and in consultation with MNR staff to find a suitable home for him. As such, Charlie will be joining three other cougars at Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Zoo sauvage is an award-winning and CAZA/AZAC accredited zoo, located in St- Félicien, Quebec, which features 75 species in large, natural exhibits. This placement was selected as it will provide Charlie with an excellent quality of life and also because he will have an opportunity to participate in their breeding program.

While the Zoo has become fond of Charlie and would like to keep him at the Riverview Park and Zoo, their primary concern was to ensure that he be placed in a facility that will offer the best environment possible.

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