10th Annual Cop Shop At Lansdowne Place Was Everything Amazing About This Community

Lansdowne Place's 10th annual Cop Shop event—a beautiful partnership between Peterborough Police and LP—was another huge success on Wednesday (December 9th).

Chief Murray Rodd and officers greet the kids

Chief Murray Rodd and officers greet the kids

Each year, select kids are picked up from their school in a limousine and taken to the mall, where they are met by Peterborough Police officers who become their personal shoppers for the day.

"We work with the school boards to identify kids that despite various challenges have risen above and excelled in school," Helen Edwards, Marketing Director with Lansdowne Place, tells PTBOCanada.

"These kids are brought in by limo, given a $200 Lansdowne Place gift card and then partnered with an officer who becomes their personal shopper for the day."

Lansdowne Place donates the gift card to each child, who might arrive with a list of gifts they wish to purchase, or work with their officer to decide what to shop for.

"Our tenants donate gifts or offer great discounts," Helen Edwards tells PTBOCanada. "Tim Hortons provides breakfast, all the officers are volunteering their time, Welsh Limo donates the transportation and we donate gift cards, a new winter coat for each child and Stockings for each child."

It was amazing to see all the police officers who volunteered to be part of this special day, and to the mall's retailers for donating gifts and discounts.

Says LP's Helen Edwards: "Quite simply, this event is our way of giving back to a community that has given us so much. It is our favourite day to come to work, not because of what we give the kids but because of how we continue to be inspired by these amazing kids year after year. They remind us what Christmas really is all about."

It was a day that the kids—and community—will never forget. Here's the group photo...

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