PTBOCanada Featured Post: Vinnies Feel Good Shopping Celebrating 4th Anniversary With Special Event

Milestones are always fun to celebrate! This year, Vinnies Feel Good Shopping—aka The Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store—is celebrating their 4 year anniversary since the big move to Erskine, with an exciting event on August 13-15th.

From 11am to 2pm on Saturday the 15th, there will be a BBQ with free hot dogs, hamburgers, and even cake at the Enbridge sponsored event.

There will also be plenty of new clothing items, housewares, and miscellaneous items for sale while the event is happening—which could be a good excuse to start your Christmas shopping just a little bit early!

Long known and appreciated as the original Thrift Shop in town, The Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store first opened its doors to Peterborough in the late 1960s.

In 2011, the store moved to 799 Erskine Ave in order to expand its operations and is now known as Vinnies, while the original location found at 256 Murray Street still serves as the foundation’s food pantry.

Vinnies is as non-profit as it gets—relying on its members, supporters and revenue from its resale stores to fund its charitable works and outreach projects. Individuals, corporations, organizations, Catholic parishes and schools have helped by providing the food, gently used clothing, household goods and funds that allow Vincentians to serve those in need in the community.

Thanks to all of these volunteers, the organization was able to help over 20,000 families in our area alone and they are proud to say that all money that is raised through Vinnies goes right back to the local Peterborough community!

As such, Vinnies is always on the lookout for volunteer help to assist them in a number of areas, which include (but aren’t limited to):

-Donating expertise to check and repair donated goods
-Donating time to help stock, paint, clean our stores
-Helping their food bank with gifts of food, time and energy
-Organizing fund raising events to support their programs
-Participating in special events
-Sponsoring food drives or events to support the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

For more information on Vinnies and Saint Vincent de Paul, and to find out if they can be of assistance to you—or you to them—go here:

Twitter: @VinniesPtbo
Instagram: @vinniesptbo
Phone: 705.742.2585



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