PTBOCanada Feature Post: 5 Things You Should Know About Peterborough’s Booming Aerospace Sector

Peterborough’s Aerospace sector is flying high with opportunity: We have a top notch airport that continues to expand, announcements of great charter flights keep popping up, and the manufacturing businesses that support the local aerospace sector are thriving.
What makes aerospace such an important sector for the Peterborough Region? Below are five things you probably didn’t know about Peterborough’s booming aerospace sector...

1. Peterborough supports our national reputation as a global leader in aerospace. Canada’s aerospace sector is world-renowned—with a strong export intensity and trade diversity. Canadian aerospace companies generated annual revenues of more than $25 billion in 2013. How does Peterborough fit into this? Our region is home to companies such as Flying Colours Corporation and Sciens Industries that service major aerospace players like Boeing and Bombardier.

2. With 70,000 movements per year, the Peterborough Airport is the busiest airport in Canada without a tower, and boasts a 7000ft paved, lit runway (the longest runway between Toronto and Ottawa). The Airport is characterized by excellent flying weather, unimpeded access to runways and taxiways—a place where aerospace and aviation businesses can maximize their operational capacity.

3. Airport infrastructure is a key component of regional economic development. Companies tend to invest in transportation hubs—much like in Halifax; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; and Fort Worth, Texas. What do these cities have in common? They all have a robust, well-integrated transportation system including air, major highways and railways.
Investment in the airport has impact beyond the aerospace sector itself. Connectivity is key for businesses choosing Peterborough as a place to relocate, start-up or grow. Easier access to transportation leads to increased overall productivity—improved service, reduced shipping costs, and better profit margins for investors.

4. Seneca College’s School of Aviation relocated to the Peterborough Airport in January 2014. They have a state-of-the-art facility here and enjoy the benefits of being out from underneath the Toronto airspace. The Bachelor of Aviation Technology program is the only aviation technology-based degree program in Canada and we are the home of that!
In addition to Seneca, the aerospace sector benefits from an educated workforce and support from the other two postsecondary institutions: Trent University and Fleming College’s Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre.

5. Maintenance repair and overhaul companies fare well in Peterborough due to its strategic location between Toronto and Montreal, with close proximity to major aerospace players in Northeastern North America. In fact, 60% of the global economy is within non-stop flight range of the Peterborough Airport.

Peterborough Economic Development asked local leaders in Peterborough’s Aerospace sector where they fit into the local supply chain and how this city helps them succeed. Here is what they had to say in this excellent video...

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