Gentlemen Of The Otonabee Bare All To Fight Homophobia In Competitive Sport

A calendar by Peterborough rowers to raise money for LGBTQ issues in sport has been released. Engaging in a tradition made famous by the Warwick Rowers from the UK, members of the Peterborough Rowing Club have created a semi-nude calendar (and various prints) called "Gentlemen of the Otonabee" to tackle issues of homophobia and showcase their brotherhood in sport.

The tasteful, rustic, vintage-toned calendar—aptly named for the 6 km stretch of the river that runs by the rowing club in Peterborough—speaks to the sense of tradition that the rowers all share. Rowing is steeped in heritage and has a long-standing reputation of gentlemanly behaviour, both on and off the water.

"It's about building an ally base," says Evan Schuett, a member of the rowing team. "Sport should have no sexual orientation—and in a sport where tight-fitting unisuits already leave little to the imagination, we thought this was an issue that we could address publicly."

$5 from the sale of each calendar will be donated to Egale Canada, an organization that raises awareness about LGBTQ issues in sport—whether it's on the water, on the field or in the locker room.

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