Crestwood High School Ask Jimmy Fallon To Give Stigma The Finger In Powerful YouTube Video

Crestwood S.S. students in Peterborough have put out an incredibly powerful video on mental health, demonstrating how important it is for the medical profession to treat mental illness the same way as it does physical health issues.

They demonstrated it by using Jimmy Fallon's now famous injured finger story from July as an example, where Jimmy talked about the amazing treatment he received in hospital after an awkward fall in his kitchen.

They ask Jimmy, how would that story look if you or someone you knew had a mental health issue like depression? Would you have received the same treatment in hospital, with the same urgency? Would you have have even been given immediate treatment? And would have you talked about it on national television?

So the students have issued a challenge to Jimmy to raise awareness around the stigma attached to mental illness. They are asking Jimmy to Give Stigma The Finger. 

As in the entire school is asking this of Jimmy...

Watch and share the video below, and maybe—just maybe—Jimmy Fallon will give stigma the finger on air. (Oh, and don't forget to tweet @jimmyfallon with the hashtag #GiveStigmaTheFinger.)

—by Neil Morton

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