Start-Up Noble Purification's State Of The Art Water Equipment Could Be A Game Changer

Noble Purification, a Peterborough-based start-up company and founder client of the Innovation Cluster's "The Cube" innovative technology incubator program, unveiled its new bio-filtration plant recently.

The new bio-filtration pilot plant has state-of the-art water purification equipment with filtration processes for converting algae blooms into feedstock for biofuels, while purifying wastewater.

Inventor Adam Noble

Inventor Adam Noble

Adam Noble, CEO of Noble Purification, invented this amazing new filtration method. Here's how it works:
The Euglena BioFiltration System is a simple concept inspired by nature. The idea derives from algae blooms and their ability to extract nearly all nutrients from their surroundings. Noble took this one step further to employ a very unique alga that can be tricked into absorbing minerals, heavy metals and other pollutants from the environment. Though algae blooms wreak havoc on our ecosystems, Noble has applied the same philosophy for positive results.

Noble and his team have the motivation, resources, knowledge and support to make a difference in the world, and their goal is to implement their biofiltration system in municipalities in Canada.

Noble wants to create sustainable and life-changing development, and they're beta testing this out of their county road plant near Trent University.

Noble Purification and The Cube collaborating on this unique venture is another example of technology innovation and ingenuity happening right here in Peterborough.

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