PTBOCanada Featured Post: The Story Of The Family Behind Leon's Peterborough

For a lot of couples, the thought of buying furniture and appliances can be absolutely terrifying. It’s an investment, a store encounter, their future and a gut-wrenching decision all in one.

Questions like “Is it worth it?”, “Did we pick the right one?” and “Do we have to talk to people?” always run through people's minds. For Tom Reburn Jr.—the son of (yep, you guessed it) Tom Sr. and Betsy—those questions he gets are part of his daily life as General Manager at Leon's Peterborough.

Tom Reburn Jr. with his dog Albert, aka the unofficial store mascot

Tom Reburn Jr. with his dog Albert, aka the unofficial store mascot

Tom doing costume duty in holiday sale in 1995

Tom doing costume duty in holiday sale in 1995

Tom Jr. has been in the furniture business since the day he was born. His parents, originally from Campbelleville, Ontario, owned and operated a furniture distribution business before they purchased the Leon’s franchise when he was 8, subsequently making the move northeast to Peterborough to start an entirely new life.

Upon taking over, Tom was thrust into the glamorous world of floor mopping and toilet cleaning on weekends, and costume duty during their many holiday sales. His family lived and breathed home furnishings, and Tom was right in the middle of it.

Fast forward 25 years, and the costumes are no more. Tom Jr. has worked in the warehouse and on the delivery truck, at the reception desk, as a sales associate, as a sales manager and is now general manager.

The ladder has been a steep one, and he hasn’t skipped any rungs on his way up! He literally knows every position in the company.

The home furnishings industry is incredibly competitive, and in Peterborough it’s no different. Leon’s Peterborough carries a major name with a lot of clout, but what most people don’t think about are the people behind the local franchise. They’re a family who live right here in our community, spending local just like everybody else. They’re family run, but have major brand purchasing power.

They have the flexibility to offer different products, and at the same time create special orders. You give them a picture of something you’ve seen somewhere else and they’ll do their best to source it and hopefully find it Canadian made. They run all the national promotions, but also have local only bonus deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Leon's delivery team prides itself on great customer service

Leon's delivery team prides itself on great customer service

From couches and chairs to appliances and televisions, Leon’s covers all the bases. They have the largest selection, the guaranteed lowest price, incredible financing plans, and consistently trained, knowledgeable non-pushy staff who ask the right questions to help customers pick what’s right for them. And they have a terrific delivery team that prides themself on the best customer service.

They even have an unofficial mascot named Albert, Tom's Giant Schnauzer that's in the office at least 5 days a week with him.

Due to the fact that they often work with people who are buying a new home, or are having extensive renovations done, Leon’s recently hired commercial sales manager Rencee Noonan. Rencee has more than 13 years experience in the home furnishing industry!

Rencee Noonan is exciting addition to the Leon's team

Rencee Noonan is exciting addition to the Leon's team

Rencee will be working with contractors, home builders, real estate agents, new home buyers and more, helping them make choices best suited for their needs.

The company is over 100 years old but prides itself on evolving with the times. Selling quality product is still the name of the game, but creating an experience where your purchase ultimately becomes “Part of the family” is their goal.

Leon's Peterborough has turned to more Canadian suppliers for home furnishing as they feel they offer better quality furniture that is going to last longer than many imports.

Customers more than ever are investing in pieces that they want to last so it’s important to offer top quality product. In addition, supporting the Canadian suppliers helps employ thousands of people around Canada, keeping the economy strong.

Tom also prides himself on giving back to the community—most recently, Leon's Peterborough held a charity BBQ and celebrity dunk tank to raise money for YWCA Crossroads Shelter.

For Tom Jr. and his team at Leon’s Peterborough, your satisfaction is No. 1. They want to provide their customers with an opportunity to check off every box in the home furnishings purchasing experience when all is said and done. Come with a need and leave with it truly fulfilled.

For more info on our local Leon’s, check out the information below:

Twitter: @leonsptbo
Phone: 705.742.0404

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