Peterborough Artists Create Belly Painting Photos For Pregnant Women

Owners Rosie & Vange

Owners Rosie & Vange

Peterborough-based makeup and body painting business Faces by 2 has a unique service, offering belly painting photos for pregnant women.

Belly painting is an artistic and fun way to create a joyful memory of a pregnancy, and is completely safe to do the owners tell PTBOCanada as long as the right paints are used.

"We only use water based paints that are specifically for skin (face and body) and that are FDA approved," Faces by 2 owners/entrepreneurs Rosie and Vange tell PTBOCanada. "They are safe for mom and baby, and can be washed off with soap and water. Every mom that has had their belly painted with us has loved it!"

Rosie and Vange, both moms themselves, tell PTBOCanada that the 8th month of pregnancy is the ideal time to paint a belly, as by then the women has a nice round belly.

"The process starts by choosing a theme and drafting a design that mom agrees to," they say. "It takes about two hours to complete a design. It is done comfortably on a reclining chair giving mom a few brakes in between, all of this followed by a photo session. The paint stays on until mom decides to wash it off."

"We love doing belly painting—especially for first time moms," Rosie and Vange tell PTBOCanada. "Pregnancy is sometimes not a fun process to endure, but we feel that belly painting is a joyful thing to do. Moms get to show off their bellies in an artistic way. Plus, the brushes feel nice on the skin and it makes the baby move! At the end of the painting and photoshoot experience, moms feel happy and beautiful."

Visit Faces by 2 on Facebook and on their website to learn more about their belly painting and other services.

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