Paul Rellinger On Relly On The Roof & This Amazing Community

Relly On The Roof returns for a sixth year April 28th to 30th, again raising funds for Habitat For Humanity Peterborough & Kawartha under the Peterborough Cares fundraising umbrella.

At noon on Thursday, April 28th, Paul Rellinger (aka "Relly")—with the generous help of the Peterborough Fire Department—will be lifted onto the roof of The Brick (1200 Lansdowne St. W.). While Habitat For Humanity volunteers collect donations in the parking lot below, Relly will live atop The Brick until 5 p.m. on April 30th.

"Since I first took to the Brick roof in 2011, this event has reinforced something I was already well aware of—Peterborough residents always find a way to give something," Paul Rellinger tells PTBOCanada.

"We've raised thousands of dollars for Habitat For Humanity. Most of that has been in the form of loose change but it adds up in an awful hurry. Habitat For Humanity, through its partnerships, is able to make that money stretch to help fulfill its important mandate," Rellinger adds.

A highlight of the weekend will be a live music showcase outside The Brick on Saturday, April 30th starting at 1 p.m. Featured performers include Rick and Gailie Young, Jessie Morrissey and Adam Grills, Hilary Dumoulin, Missy Knott, Terry Guiel and Jan Schoute.

Dave Stanley, manager of The Brick, is volunteering his time and staff for Relly on the Roof. Also providing invaluable support is Sobeys, Canadian Tire, Boston Pizza, The Pizza Factory and Tim Hortons.

"I can't say enough about The Brick and its manager Dave Stanley," Rellinger tells PTBOCanada. "Also everyone at Habitat For Humanity and good friend Camille Parent, whose Peterborough Cares initiative gave birth to Relly On The Roof and remains its partner. It's going to be a great three days. I'm excited to get going."

We're excited to see the community get behind this again.


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