Peterborough By Trains, Planes, Boats And Automobiles

Moving the goods for business takes trains, planes, autos and boats. 

This guest post by Sandra Dueck—Policy Analyst/Communications Specialist at the Peterborough Chamber—looks at how developing a coherent transportation strategy for Peterborough now will serve us well into the coming decades...

By Road -> 407 to the 35/115

The business community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of this highway in 2020. This economic link will see commerce and people flowing both ways—from the GTA in the form of tourists and companies wanting to do business or relocate, and into the GTA from Peterborough allowing our companies easier access to the vast market known as the Golden Horseshoe. 

By Air ->  Peterborough Airport

The intentional investment by the City and County into the Peterborough Airport is paying off with innovative partnerships, companies and opportunities. There will be new passenger service starting this summer, continued flights by Stewart Travel, 15 companies that are employers driving the local economy—and there is space for a lot more. The Peterborough Airport is also considered a part of a network of regional airports that is tasked with defining how they could help relieve anticipated pressures at Toronto's Pearson Airport. 

By Water -> Trent Severn Waterway

The Trent Severn Waterway (TSW) was originally built as an economic thoroughfare. Today its primary role is to ferry tourist traffic, but in that role it is a significant economic driver for the area. Are there any other ways to use the TSW for modern day movement of?

By Rail -> Kawartha Lakes Railway (CP Shortline)

Freight: Improved rail infrastructure for freight will help sustain certain economic sectors in Peterborough and open up new economic opportunities. 

Passenger: There are projects being pushed in southwestern Ontario and along the GO Lakeshore East line to Bowmanville. With improved rail infrastructure for freight in Peterborough, perhaps the case for passenger rail would become more attractive to Metrolinx/GO or VIA to take on.

The return to rail movement is gaining steam throughout the province.  How we get more rail traffic out of and to Peterborough is not the critical point, just that we get to the point where we can offer a freight option that improves time to the GTA and eventually a passenger option as well.

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