This Stunning Composite Of Two Photos Reveals A Cinematic Like Downtown Peterborough

Peterborough photographer Zach Baranowski posted a stunning image of Market Hall and the downtown that is getting hundreds and hundreds of likes on his Instagram page.

Zach says on his Instagram post (embedded below) that the image is a composite of two of his photos—it "makes you realize what's really there, masked by the city lights."

Zach tells PTBOCanada more about how he created this cinematic-like image using technology:

"I took this shot of the Market Hall on my way home after a night of shooting some promotional photos for One Eighty Hunter," he tells PTBOCanada. "It was shot on my 5D mkii: Manual exposure, 25 sec, f/22, ISO 250. The sky photo was taken a couple weeks ago when I was hiking late at night up at High Falls trail (just down the road from Petroglyphs Provincial Park), and the sky was perfectly clear. The composite was created after I edited the Market Hall photo and decided that the pure dark sky was very uninteresting and took away from the rest of the photo. I then took both of the photos into Photoshop CC."

Zach sent us the beautiful original below that he posted to Instagram...

Photo by Zach Baranowski

Photo by Zach Baranowski

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