A Trent University Student Posts Stunning Instagram Pictures Of Campus

Horace Ng, a 3rd year student in the nursing program at Trent University, is emerging as quite an Instagram star at Trent University and beyond.

Ng, who has a passion for photography, has nearly 2,000 followers on his Instagram page. He incorporates what he describes as "urban exploration vibes and adventuring lifestyle" into his unique photography style. 


Trent's stunning Symons Campus on the Otonabee River captivates Ng, and is a constant source of inspiration. 

"Trent's buildings and architecture are truly great for the urban exploration-photography community," Ng tells PTBOCanada, "as there is a great range and contrast in terms of things to photograph, from fancy buildings to the captivating sunsets and sunrises on the drumlin."

Ng, who is originally from Hong Kong but raised most of his life in Mississauga, is a part of the Trent University Yearbook team. He works there as a graphic designer, something that has helped him further develop his photography shooting, editing and technical skills.

"I've had the opportunity to meet up with a few other students as well, to create and to explore together on campus and around Peterborough," Ng says, adding, "I often find myself photographing landscapes and architecture in locations that are not always accessible to the general public—allowing myself to gain an uncommon angle, with the intention to capture my audience's attention and force them to take a second glance."

For Ng, having nearly 2,000 followers on his Instagram page is a nice accomplishment—"it is quite a good feeling to have fans, especially local fans who notice and appreciate my work enough to follow my page"—but he doesn't tend to focus as much on his follower count as the quality of his work, constantly challenging himself to get better.

"From here, my goal with photography is to keep pushing my own limits with what I can create and also to travel more," Ng tells PTBOCanada. "My plans in the near future are to travel across Canada, photographing the country from the east to the west coast, and seeing how truly diverse and beautiful Canada is."

Ng is a full-time student in nursing with the intention of being a registered nurse—so photography is only a hobby. "Although I have a strong passion and calling to create with my camera, I have found that I enjoy photography more as a hobby and as a therapeutic activity for myself, rather than a career choice. "

Career or not, Ng has a world of potential in photography and it's hard not to take a second glance at his photos, whether they're of architecture, people or candid street photographs.

Follow Ng on Instagram here, and check out more of his Instagram pictures below, including beautiful photos he has taken on the Trent campus and in Toronto...

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