Peterborough Hound Named Odie Not Overly Excited About Fox Being In Backyard

Gwyneth Jones witnessed a real life fox and hound in her backyard Thursday morning (May 19th) on River Road just north of Peterborough—except her hound, Odie, just didn't seem nearly as interested as the fox.

The view from Jones' back patio of the interaction...

"At first I was worried the fox would attack—I think it's a mama and there may be some kits in the woods," Jones tells PTBOCanada. "It's too big to be a baby, but was definitely curious and maybe even wanting to play."

The fox certainly looked like it wanted to do something gauging from this picture Jones took...

Odie ignores fox

Odie ignores fox

So why would 10-year-old Odie ignore the fox? Jones isn't sure.

"I was stunned at my dog's reaction, or lack thereof," Jones tells PTBOCanada. "It's almost like he didn't acknowledge this was an animal. He would have freaked if a dog was on our property, and he chases squirrels and rabbits. It was very odd."

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