PTBOCanada Featured Post: 17 Awesome Things About Peterborough Pulse This Year

Peterborough Pulse is back on Saturday, July 16th, taking place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.! It’s the city’s largest open streets event that temporarily replaces car traffic with people traffic (the best kind of traffic!). Pulse transforms the downtown core into a vibrant, car-free corridor for active play while encouraging the community to walk, bike, dance and socialize out on the street.

For one summer day on July 16th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., George Street will be filled with cyclists, roller-skaters, families pushing strollers, Karate, fencing demonstrations, art, music and more. Whether you’re five or 85, an individual or with a group, there are plenty of unique ways to enjoy Peterborough Pulse! Did we mention that it’s FREE?! 

In no particular order, here are 17 awesome reasons to go to Peterborough Pulse this year...


1. Last year, there were 4000+ participants at the inaugural Pulse event who enjoyed exciting activities, entertainment and gorgeous weather.

2. It’s FREE! Peterborough Pulse is one of the biggest free community events in Peterborough that everyone can experience and enjoy in our downtown core.

3. Due to popular demand, Peterborough Pulse 2016 will be two hours longer than last year, and the variety of activities and entertainment have improved!

4. Peterborough Pulse is a unique way to enjoy your downtown. You will be able to see, listen, touch, taste, and feel downtown Peterborough in so many different ways!

5. Social Media Giveaways: Peterborough Pulse is giving away a total of over $300 in prizes this summer! Follow Peterborough Pulse on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and use the hashtag #PtboPulse for the chance to win weekly prizes. Yet another reason you should love Peterborough Pulse!

6. Kid-Friendly Activities: Let your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews tag along because #PtboPulse has them covered with an amazing variety of kid activities!

7. Now playtime for the adults… Peterborough Axe Club will be demonstrating axe-throwing at Peterborough Pulse on July 16th. Prepare to engage your inner warrior!

8. It wouldn’t be a street fest without live music. Check out Peterborough’s talented local musicians at Pulse, and don’t be afraid to dance in the street!

9. Circus (Aerial Artist) & Street Performances! Along the Pulse route, you will see incredible street performers showing off their talents. Take a moment to look up and see the amazing circus aerial artist.

10. Fencing Demonstration. Touché! Learn this exciting Olympic sport at Peterborough Pulse. There’s still time for Rio!

11. Karate Demonstrations: Bring the dojo to the streets and learn karate techniques. You could find your inner ninja!

12. Bring your creative side out at Peterborough Pulse: Contribute your talent by participating in the creation of a community art mural led by Spirits and Splatters!

13. Pop-Up Park on George Street: Pop goes the park! Relax and enjoy a little piece of green paradise in the street. We legitimately love this!

14. Volunteer Opportunities. Want to meet new people or fulfill community hours? Peterborough Pulse has a variety of exciting volunteer opportunities! Join the Pulse tribe! Email them for info.

15. Keep Calm & Get Your Shop On: Local and downtown businesses will bring their goodies and treasures into the streets for sale. Expect some great Pulse bargains!

16. Bike & Skate to your heart's content. Feel the open road! Without cars in the way, cyclists and skaters can enjoy the Pulse route on wheels.

17. Memorize this Pulse map route below, and spread the word on your social media channels. This event is going to rock! See you there!!


For more info on Peterborough Pulse, check out these links:

Twitter: @PtboPulse

**You can also email Pulse for more info on this exciting event.

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