Can You Guess The Object From The PTBOCanada Fibber's Club?

Four local members of the highly prestigious PTBOCanada Fibber's Club think they know what this object is in this video below. Can you weed through their deception and guess what the object actually is?


Send your best guess to for a chance to win a gift certificate to A Fetching Place, Peterborough's newest Doggie Daycare and Grooming. One correct entry will be chosen at random to win one day of daycare and a Fun 'n Suds wash for your dog. The contest for Episode 1 ends July 8th.

So, do you think you guessed correctly as to what this is? It's an antique rug hooker! In this case a Phentex model that was actually made in Canada.

Congratulations to April Dunphy for winning this episode's contest and stay tuned for more episodes to come!

—video by Evan Holt

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