Kiefer Sutherland Told This Amazing Story About Reuniting With His Best Friend In Peterborough On "LIVE With Kelly"

Actor-musician Kiefer Sutherland was on LIVE With Kelly on Wednesday morning (September 21st) and mentioned this beautiful story about reuniting with his best friend from his childhood, Steve Barker, at a show Kiefer played at Peterborough Musicfest this summer. 

Kiefer was told backstage Barker might be there, and between songs Kiefer asked if there was a Steve Barker in the crowd. Sure enough, Barker stood up at the back and the crowd applauded. This was the first time Kiefer had seen Barker in 15 years.

You can listen to the clip here beginning at 3:48 mark...

"It’s pretty special as our vision is to create a memorable guest experience for our audience and here it happens for our celebrity artist," Peterborough Musicfest General Manager Tracey Randal says.

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