PTBOCanada Featured Post: 7 Great Reasons To Join Lakefield College School for Their Open House

Lakefield College School, located in Lakefield, Ontario, is hosting its annual Open House on October 15th. Educating Grade 9-12 students, both boarding and day school, they offer unmatched education at one of the nicest campuses in Canada. Below are 7 great reasons for you to check out the Open House...

1. Experience a Day in The Life of an LCS Student From the Chapel to The Waterfront

Take part in the Open House Adventure Challenge while you make your way around campus visiting classrooms, student common areas, residences, the theatre, gym, School Stores and other LCS hot spots. Get the real scoop about LCS from current students and parents along the way and complete your LCS Passport with fun challenges to win swag!

2. Test Your Skills While Conquering the Heights of Their 34-foot Climbing Wall

Discover the challenge and exhilaration the students feel when they scale to the top of the indoor climbing wall during a co-curricular activity or Outdoor Education class. In just one year at LCS, OE students are challenged by choice to exercises in teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, the high and low ropes courses, climbing walls, winter camping, dog sledding, whitewater canoeing and river rescue, wilderness survival, and even expeditions to Canada's North and worldwide!

3. Voulez-vous Pratiquer Vos Compétences en Français? Dive into DELF!

LCS is the only independent school to host, administer and evaluate DELF examinations (and one of only 33 examination centres in Canada!). Learn why the DELF examinations are recognized worldwide and how they can add extra value to students’ resumes and university applications. This is a rare privilege and LCS is proud of the numerous possibilities this initiative offers our school and its students. Learn more about this world renowned program and experience a French class while on tour during Open House.

4. Explore the Nuances of Career and University Counselling at Each Grade Level

Learn how students from Grade 9 to 12 discover their talents and passions in class, under the mentorship of academic advisors and through counselling opportunities offered by the Guidance & Learning Office. Meet Mr. Milburn, Director of University Guidance, and hear about the school's most recent graduates—the Class of 2016—who received more than $1.2 million in scholarships to university and/or college. LCS is so proud of its Grads who receive offers of admission to exceptional postsecondary institutions from around the world.

5. Roll-up Your Sleeves, Flex Your Creative Mind and Sharpen Your Inner Einstein!

Get ready for some experiential learning while on tour: visit a chemistry class in action, take your turn on the drums in music class, and solve a visual scavenger hunt while in art class. Don’t forget to ask your teachers if you pass to get your Open House Passport challenge completed!

6. Chat With The Admissions Team to Discover How to Make LCS Your School!

As a predominantly Canadian day and boarding school (more than 70% of our students are Canadian citizens), LCS believes their community is strengthened by the diversity of their students. The school hopes to grow its offers of admission to Canadian students from coast to coast. Their goal is to ensure that deserving and outstanding young people are able to participate in the unique educational experience they offer, and they are committed to providing financial needs-based assistance to students who otherwise would be unable to attend the school. Last year, over $1.9 million was offered in needs-based financial assistance to over 1 in 4 students at LCS.

7. “Lakefield’s Spring Open House was great. I’m so happy we dropped in! I had no idea that there were so many different opportunities offered at Lakefield. The campus is stunning, the people so welcoming and friendly!”

—Current Grade 9 Day Parent who attended the LCS OPEN HOUSE in Spring 2015.

The OPEN HOUSE takes place at Lakefield College School on October 15th, 2016 starting at 10 a.m.

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For more info on LCS—an independent day/boarding school for Grades 9 to 12 in Lakefield, Ontario—go here:

Twitter: @LakefieldCS

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