Peterborough Mom Returns To School, Posts Awesome Back To School Pictures & Message With Daughter

Peterborough mom Kate Wells posted this inspiring, empowering message to her Facebook page about returning to school after 20 years removed.

Kate is going to Fleming College to study to become an Educational Assistant and says in her post that "It's never too late to follow your dreams."

She also posted awesome back to school pictures to her Facebook page of her and her daughter Emma—who is going into Grade 6.

Emma and Kate rock

Emma and Kate rock

Kate's teenage son Aidan has autism and his E.A.'s have been an inspiration to Kate over the years.

"Becoming an Educational Assistant has been a lifelong dream to me," Kate tells PTBOCanada. "I feel I have so much to offer. I've learned so much from Aidan's EA's over the years, and I hope to take the best qualities from his EA's that have been so supportive to him as well as to us."

Kate tweeted about what this day means to her...

You rock Kate. Best of luck with your studies (and don't party too much)!

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