Here Is A Drummer Rocking Out In Freezing Rain Outside A Tim Hortons In Havelock

Twenty-one-year-old Marmora-based drummer Dillon Lake likes to rock out in random places—scroll down to see his drum solo over a cliff. His recent choice was a Tim Hortons in Havelock near Peterborough outside in the freezing rain/snow. 

Photo courtesy Dillon Lake

Photo courtesy Dillon Lake

"I've been doing videos like this since the summer in crazy/random places and the response has been great to them," Dillon tells PTBOCanada.

"Everyone around loved my Tim Hortons drumming and thought it was so cool. I hope to one day make a living off playing drums. I love to play shows and play in bands so it was an idea to do these drum videos in random spots to get some more exposure and to hopefully find a band looking to tour."

Here is video of him at the Tim Hortons...

Here is Dillon last Fall rocking out on a cliff overlooking Eagle's Nest in Bancroft...

We have no idea where Dillon will play next on his random rock star drumming adventures tour—maybe somewhere in Peterborough?—but well played dude.

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