There Was An Epic Super Bowl Party On Chemong Lake That Included 16 Foot Outdoor Screen

About 50 people watched an epic Super Bowl game in an epic way, taking in New England's comeback win over Atlanta in front of a 16-foot outdoor screen on a beauty night on Chemong Lake near Peterborough.

The screen for the projector was a 16x9 wall made of plywood, and painted white.

"We couldn't have asked for a better day," co-organizer Lee Gynane tells PTBOCanada. "Perfect weather, lots of action on the lake with PolarFest happening as well, and to top it off the greatest Super Bowl in history."

Here were the fans arriving beforehand on the ice for a "Chemong Lake tailgate" party...

Pre-game setup

Pre-game setup

Oh, and if any of the spectators got cold, they could retire in to this nearby ice hut with all the amenities to warm up...

So yeah, that is what we call a Canadian Super Bowl party in the Kawarthas, eh.

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