PTBOCanada Featured Post: Dan Moloney Has A Passion For Peterborough & Financial Advising

If Dan Moloney could have seen himself 10 years ago into his future, he likely would not have imagined that he would be running his own business. Fresh off graduating from Fleming college and then Trent University, Dan found himself being recruited as a financial advisor—a position he originally knew little about. Dan hit the ground running and has never looked back.

Dan Moloney

Dan Moloney

Beginning as a financial advisor on his own, Dan found out early on that he had a passion and drive for the business. Being able to help people reach their financial goals almost became an obsession for him.

He realized that to succeed, he needed to jump in with both feet and learn how to sort out his work/life balance—something that is always a struggle when running your own business. Luckily for him, his team at home (wife Amy, along with children Mack and Nina) provide plenty of support and stability to keep him grounded when life and business seem too busy. 

Dan with his wife Amy and children Mack and Nina

Dan with his wife Amy and children Mack and Nina

For Dan, life outside of work and family is incredibly busy. As a huge advocate for community involvement, Dan is the Vice Chair for the Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough, Chair of the Allied Professional Council for the PRHC foundation, and was just recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Peterborough Public Library. 

Giving back to the community has allowed Dan to show his children that we need to give back to show appreciation for our own successes.

Dan Moloney (2nd from right) pictured with his team Chris Hill, Denise Travers and Heather Somerville

Dan Moloney (2nd from right) pictured with his team Chris Hill, Denise Travers and Heather Somerville

In this role as a financial advisor over the last 10 years, Dan has grown from a freshman to a seasoned veteran now leading his own team within the Sun Life Financial family. With Dan’s drive and determination, he has been able to grow his practice into a very successful business by surrounding himself with a great team that supports his vision fully. 

The experience he has gained has made him a big believer in living a work hard/play hard balanced life. He enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends when he is not concentrating on business or the community.

Dan’s position as a financial advisor is to offer planning services to individuals who need a path. He provides financial choices to help his client accomplish their goals, and sets up roadmaps to ensure they stay on the path to accomplish their goals.

He works primarily with young families, pre-retiree's and business owners. His team develops plans to ensure people's most important asset—themselves—are protected, and also provides investment planning advice to ensure they can save for short/long term goals. For him, it’s all about good communication, creating a comfortable situation and making a plan that works best with their lifestyle.

Talking finances, whether it’s investing or insurance solutions, is a difficult topic for many people. Dan believes that people should look at it as investing in themselves. Working with a financial advisor gives clients the benefit to allow someone else to design and execute a roadmap for their financial freedom. It can allow people to:

-> thank their "future selves" for making the right decisions early on in life by following many plans and actions, even when times are tough

-> purchase a life insurance plan to protect that new mortgage for their families

-> save monies inside of their RRSP's to save for retirement

-> protect a business against the loss of a key person due to a critical illness

-> invest corporate earnings into an investment account to save for big purchases down the road, etc.

It is all about making the right decision to protect and save, which will benefit them down the road or when a "worst case scenario" potentially happens.

Dan’s goals are to ensure that his clients know he takes their financial goals as serious as they do. He’s passionate about people getting correct, transparent and trustworthy advice, and will work tirelessly to make their problem his problem, while giving them his time and advice where needed. He loves his business and working with people who want to help themselves.

For more info on Dan and his team, visit their website or Facebook page.

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