Get Your Piece Of The Pig's Ear History: There Will Be A Content Auction In Early May

The Pig's Ear Tavern is closing for good April 22nd as local developer Parkview Homes has bought the building. Parkview is now inviting the community of Peterborough and Peterborough at large to participate in an auction of the remaining contents of the Piggy—a unique opportunity for past and present revelers of “The Piggy” to own a piece of its storied history.

The auction will be held after the current owners have closed the doors on the establishment in early May. It will be hosted online by Russland Auctioneers here.

Parkview Homes says that all proceeds from the auction will be split 50/50 between two local charities—YWCA Crossroads Shelter and YES Shelter for Youth and Families.

Check back here for auction date details in the coming weeks.

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