Peafowl Can Now Roam The Grounds At Riverview Park & Zoo

The Riverview Park & Zoo put out a message on Facebook about peafowl now being allowed to roam the grounds that is getting great response—with people fondly recalling when the peafowl used to be able to do this or excited to see it for the first time through their kid's eyes.

"We saw them today!! My daughter was SO excited when we found them!!" one mother posted on the zoo's Facebook page, along with this photo below.

"Last Wednesday we released several of our Common Peafowl on the zoo grounds," Jim Moloney, the zoo's Manager & Curator, tells PTBOCanada. "We have done this with the intent of allowing these birds to roam the property. The objective of the release was to allow more room for the birds to explore, providing them with additional enrichment in their lives and to allow an unobstructed view of the Peafowl by our guests."

Peafowl chillin' out

Peafowl chillin' out

"We are asking that our guests respect the birds by not approaching them too closely, not feeding them and by not chasing them," Moloney tells PTBOCanada.

Great idea zoo! Well played.

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