Solve The Mystery At Gotta Havva Pizza In Norwood

Norwood's Gotta Havva Pizza has a mystery on their hands, and it pertains to a fan that plummeting to the ground on security footage they posted to their Facebook page.

The Facebook post says, "Staff have been talking about the Norwood store being 'haunted'...", and in the 3 minute video from Saturday night (July 9th) it is kinda weird when the fan smashes to the floor at the 1:25 mark or so. (You can hear an employee seen earlier mopping the floor give a "WTF".)

Many different theories have been given by people who have watched the video as to what caused it, but we'll let you watch it cold and then chime in on our Facebook page. Watch it below...

[H/T 100.5 Fresh Radio]

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