PTBOCanada Featured Post: Day Students Are A Vital Part Of Life At Lakefield College School

2017 Graduates Liam Kaller (Peterborough), Sara Hubble (Selwyn), Carissa Hickson (Otonabee), Hanan Hammoud (Lakefield), Michael Hudson (Peterborough)

2017 Graduates Liam Kaller (Peterborough), Sara Hubble (Selwyn), Carissa Hickson (Otonabee), Hanan Hammoud (Lakefield), Michael Hudson (Peterborough)

“From the outside looking in as a Day Student attending Lakefield College School, integrating into a school predominantly filled with boarding students could appear a challenge. Fair enough. At Lakefield, I was inspired to get involved. There is a strong sense of community and it will want to engage and include students whether they come from the South of France or Ennismore. It becomes in the general nature of students at LCS to get involved in discovering, to learn together and grow together.”  —former Day Student Alex Westcott (Lakefield), Class of 2016

Class of 2016 Co-Head Students Alex Westcott (Lakefield) and Cameron Maltman (Peterborough)

Class of 2016 Co-Head Students Alex Westcott (Lakefield) and Cameron Maltman (Peterborough)


Lakefield College School enrolls 365 high school students each year. Although a small school, it has incredible diversity. The school’s international reputation draws roughly 140 students (including expatriate Canadians) from over 27 different countries around the world and approximately 225 students from various provinces across Canada.  

Perhaps lesser known is the fact that almost one-third of LCS students represent local day students from communities such as Lakefield, Peterborough, Bancroft, Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Ennismore and surrounding areas in the Kawarthas.

Here Are The LCS Day Student Boys 2016/17...


Day student families are the foundation that connect Lakefield College School closely to the community that the students live and learn in. The diversity of the school’s student body, combined with the small school size, is part of the secret sauce that creates an enriched learning environment.

Supported by caring teachers and staff through a variety of individualized learning and co-curricular programs, LCS day, boarding and international students quickly discover their strengths and passions, creating a happy life at LCS while making friends from all over the world.

Here Are The LCS Day Student Girls 2016/17...


Meet Abbie Masciangelo (Ennismore), Class of 2016, who shares highlights from her experience as a Day Student at LCS in the videos below.

Abbie on her transition as a new student to LCS...

Abbie on what it's like to be a day student girl...

Abbie on Community Service, International Exchanges and Leadership Roles at LCS...

Abbie on the impact the LCS Experience has had on her life...

Former Day Student Alex Wescott (Class of 2016) Shares The Impact LCS Had On Her:

 “One of the most valuable things that Lakefield taught me was to embrace the vulnerability in trying new things, doing what’s unfamiliar, and being uncomfortable. I learned and was encouraged to be at peace with the idea of putting yourself in situations that test and challenge you, and in moments of failure to find resilience. I came to know how important it is to understand who you are and more important, who you aren’t, and to stay in touch with that. I discovered the importance of sticking to your values and discovered that growing up and going through life, with all its perks aside, involves deciding moments and a series of mistakes. It was proved to me that you can become a product of learning about the good. The faculty, curriculum and general nature of LCS encouraged me to challenge myself in order to develop personally through trial and error, and provided me with the support and love to be who I am, and to integrate the values I’d embraced here at the Grove into all of my future endeavours.”

Co-Head Student, Trevor Smith (Douro-Dummer), Class of 2017, On His LCS Day Student Experience...

“The thing that I love about this school is the diversity of student experience. It’s so cool to be surrounded by so many different minds. There are people from Germany, Dominican Republic, from Saudi Arabia, Japan, Argentina, Bangladesh, and even downtown Lakefield. My Lakefield difference is the students that come to this school and the unique knowledge they bring with them. These are people that have interests ranging from art to ice hockey to robotics to dance. People that are extreme introverts to people that are extreme extroverts. The most diverse combination of people imaginable are all right here…all with completely different stories and life experiences.”

Class of 2017 Co-Head Students Sophie Welch (Peterborough) and Trevor Smith (Douro-Dummer)"

Class of 2017 Co-Head Students Sophie Welch (Peterborough) and Trevor Smith (Douro-Dummer)"

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