City Of Peterborough To Revisit Proposed Tagline After Response From Community

The City of Peterborough's Community Branding Project kicked off in March 2017 with a Community Consultation to understand the perceptions of Peterborough. Two Community Consultation Meetings and two Online Surveys garnered almost 600 responses.

Questions such as “If you were to describe Peterborough in one word, what would that word be?” informed the consultants, BrandHealth, on how City residents, businesses and visitors see our community. They used this input to identify a positioning area and proposed tagline.

On Monday, July 24th, BrandHealth presented a proposed tagline, “Peterborough—where roads and rivers meet”, to Committee of the Whole and requested feedback from Members of Council and the community.

The community provided valuable, insightful feedback on the proposed tagline. More than 900 responses have been received via the online survey (891 Responses) and email (16 emails). Community Branding was also well discussed on social media. The feedback was varied, however the overall assessment was that the City should revisit the tagline.

The City of Peterborough says they appreciate the feedback and BrandHealth will continue the process by developing an alternative tagline.

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