A Hand Carved Unity Pole By Local Ojibway Artist Kris Nahrgang Has Become A Hit

To celebrate the enormous contribution that Canada's indigenous people have made to this great land, the CNE commissioned local Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang to create a Unity Pole this year.

Photo via  @JoeM_2015  on Twitter

Photo via @JoeM_2015 on Twitter

The majestic and vibrant 25-foot pole by Nahrgang has become a popular attraction at the CNE, and has drawn lots of attention to the artist. It was carved from a majestic white cedar tree from the Peterborough area, and embraces both indigenous and universal symbols.

Nahrgang documented the construction of the Unity Pole on Facebook, and posted there on May 24th that it was completed...

On July 18th, Nahrgang posted to Instagram that the Unity Pole was ready for delivery to Toronto...

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"The pole was created to offer a story of Unity, and healing for all Canadians, and has been created to include a story of hope for relationships for all of us," says Nahrgang.

"It is hand carved, and painted in bright Woodland style. It will represent a great vision of togetherness for all who come to view it."

Photo via  @JoeM_2015  on Twitter

Photo via @JoeM_2015 on Twitter

"The Unity Pole has become a huge attraction for the CNE, and has taken on a life of its own," Nahrgang tells PTBOCanada. "The pole for me was a way to show the beauty of indigenous art, and the stories of my Mississauga Ojibway Heritage. My goal was to create a piece of art that spoke to the country, and now the world, as to the need to educate ourselves about indigenous people, and our Culture."

Nahrgang adds: "I felt that this was a great opportunity to offer a good story, of inclusion, harmony and balance that needs to be pursued between all peoples in this beautiful Country. The impact of the pole has been viral, and its story has gone worldwide. It has changed my life and taken me to a new realm of the art world and offered a great respect for my art, and to myself as an artist."

The Unity Pole is on display at the Heritage Court in the Enercare Centre at the CNE until September 4th. The plan after that, Nahrgang tells us, is for it to be set up in a permanent location on the CNE grounds.

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