PTBOCanada Featured Post: How Patrick McAuley Has Quickly Become A Trusted Name In Real Estate

With over 400 agents in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, sometimes standing out in the crowd can be hard to do. Even as Peterborough and the Kawarthas continue to grow, there are only so many properties available to be sold and purchased as the agent of record.

For Patrick McAuley, who is four years into his real estate career with Bowes and Cocks LTD Brokerage in Peterborough, the challenge to stand out in a large crowd of realtors motivates him and is what has ultimately lead to sustained success from the start.

Patrick McAuley loves being a realtor in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Patrick McAuley loves being a realtor in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

When Patrick entered the industry, he knew he had to hit the ground running. While he was working for Bowes and Cocks, he was also essentially an entrepreneur at the same time. He had their backing and support, but it was up to him to make a name for himself.

A trained Corporate Sales Representative, with 10 years of prior experience in account management, sales and negotiation, Patrick knew what he wanted to accomplish and wouldn’t let a little hard work get in his way.


While some agents in the industry come and go, and others take it on as a part time role, Patrick lives and breathes being a real estate agent and takes the challenge that it brings head on. His businesslike approach can be felt as soon as you see him, as he even dresses the part, adding another level of professionalism and pride to his work.

Helping people make incredibly daunting investments in their future is still one of Patrick’s biggest motivators. After four years in the industry, he feels he’s matured not only as an agent but as a person in general.


Each year his sales have increased, making him one of the top selling agents in the company. While he’s proud of this, he doesn’t rest on his laurels. He’s found out that what motivates him is making his clients truly happy.

That includes building relationships with them outside of the workplace, and generally helping people have a happy life in a home they're proud of where they can raise their family.

Looking at the business in this way has helped him find a clearer definition of who he wants to be for the people he works for, which in turn has made life a whole lot easier.


To keep himself busy outside of work, Pat has made it a goal to stay active in the community and partner up with other professionals and businesses he believes in.

He’s been a longtime member of the Five Counties Children’s Centre Board of Trustees, he is a major sponsor of Peterborough Pete's Plaid Night for the United Way of Peterborough on November 2nd, and he took up acting to become Prius Pat of Catchin' Deers fame. On top of all that, he sponsors a men’s league baseball team at the same time.

Home run: Pat McAuley (2nd from left) with some teammates from his baseball team

Home run: Pat McAuley (2nd from left) with some teammates from his baseball team

As well, his connection with Ashburnham Realty is well known in the community, while he also works closely with Blades of Glory property maintenance, McGillen Keay Cooper, Salti Yoga, Stephanie Armstrong at Boden & Associates, and Sullivan Law to help give his clients a well-rounded experience with him.

After four years in the industry, the fire burns even brighter for Patrick, and he hopes to make his mark not only in local real estate but in continuing to have an impact on the community as well.

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For more information on Pat McAuley, find it below...

Phone number: 705.742.4234
Twitter: @patrickhmcauley

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